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Profile of International Exchange and Cooperation of Beijing Union University

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     Beijing  UnionUniversity has always paid great attention to international exchanges and cooperation and has established links with 230 universities and institutions from 40 different countries and regions. Each year, up to 400 staff attends various training programmes and academic activities abroad in countries such as theUK, theUS,Germany, etc. The university receives visits of about 30 groups from 20 different countries every year. An annual overseas training project has been set up to broaden the horizon of staff.


Various international exchange programmes such as Dual Bachelor Degree Programmes and Dual Master Degree Programmes have been established to equip students with international horizon and increase their international competitive edge.


BUU has actively taken part in and hosted a wide range of international conferences to share teaching ideology and management expertise with higher education institutions from other countries. Conferences such as League of University Globalization, China-Korea-America International Symposium, Beijing Studies Symponium and Beijing International Forum of Education for Special Needs have drawn wide attention internationally.

Foreign experts and teachers have been recruited to improve the English proficiency of teachers and students, to share teaching methodology and to create an international atmosphere.


Every year, about 1000 overseas students study at BUU. Scholarships from Beijing Municipal Government are available for the top students. Some graduate with a Bachelor Degree and work for multi-national companies. Some go back to their home countries to teach Chinese. They are the ambassadors ofBeijingUnionUniversity.


In cooperation withUniversityofWales TrinitySaint David and the Headquarters of Confucius Institute, the Confucius Institute based at Lampeter,Waleswas set up in 2007 and in 2011 2 Confucius Classrooms attached to it was established. All this has made positive contribution to the promotion of Chinese language and culture.

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