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Titles, Colleges and Divisions at BUU

posted: 10 26,2012

北京联合大学 Beijing Union University
中文 英文
校领导 University Leadership
党委书记(校务委员会主席) Chairman of University Council
校长 President
党委副书记、纪委书记(校务委员会副主席) Vice Chairman of University Council
副校长 Vice President
院党委书记(院务委员会主席) Chairman of College Council
院长 Dean
院党委副书记(院务委员会副主席) Vice Chairman of College Council
副院长 Vice Dean
系主任 Chair of ...Department
副系主任 Vice Chair of … Department
处长/主任/所长 Director of … Division/Institute/Research Center/Center/Office
副处长/副主任/副所长 Deputy Director of … Division/Institute/Research Center/Center/Office
馆长 Curator
副馆长 Deputy Curator
主编 Editor-in-Chief
副主编  Deputy Editor-in-Chief
常务副职(主持工作) Executive Director
党校办 General Administration Office
组织部 Division of Organization of University Council
宣传部 Division of Publicity of University Council
离退休人员工作处 Division of Retired Faculty and Staff Affairs
纪检监察办公室 Division of Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision 
保卫处 Division of Security 
人事处 Division of Human Resources
财务处 Division of Finance
基建处 Division of Infrastructure Construction
教务处  Division of Academic Affairs 
高职处 Division of Vocational Higher Education
学生工作部 Division of Student Affairs
招生就业处 Division of Recruitment and Career Consultation
科研处 Division of Scientific Research
研究生工作处  Division of Postgraduate Affairs
Division of International Exchange & Cooperation
(Office for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs) 
行政管理处 Division of Administration 
国有资产管理处 Division of Assets Management
审计处 Division of Audition
经济管理与合作办学办公室  Division of University Enterprise Management and Cooperative Programs
机关和直属单位党委 Branch of University Council
工会 Trade Union
团委 CYL Committee 
基础课教学部 Department of General Education
实验实训基地 Experimental and Training Center
人文社科教学部 Department of Humanities and Social Sciences 
体育教学部 Department of Physical Education 
公共外语教学部 Department of  English Teaching and Research
培训中心 Center of Adult Education and Training
图书馆  Library
信息网络中心 Information and Network Center
学报编辑部 Editorial Office of BUU Journal 
档案(校史)馆 Archives (Museum of BUU History)
门诊部 Clinic
后勤服务公司 Division of Logistics Management
北京学研究所  Institute of Beijing Studies
应用性高等教育发展研究中心 Research Center for Applied Higher Education Development 
台湾研究院 Institute of Taiwan Studies
人大研究所 Institute of People's Congress System
北京市政治文明建设研究中心 Beijing Research Center for Construction of Political Civilization
生物活性物质与功能食品北京市重点实验室 Beijing  Key  Laboratory  of  Bioactive  Substances  and  Functional  Foods
信息服务工程北京市重点实验室 Beijing  Key  Laboratory  of  Information  Service  Engineering
各学院 Colleges
应用文理学院 College of Applied Arts and Science
师范学院 Teachers' College
商务学院 Business College
生物化学工程学院 College of Biochemical Engineering 
旅游学院 Tourism College
继续教育学院 College of Continuing Education
信息学院 College of Information Technology
机电学院 College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
自动化学院 Automation College
管理学院 Management College
特殊教育学院 College of Special Education 
广告学院 Advertising College
应用科技学院 College of Applied Science and Technology
国际交流学院 College of International Education
1.     Beijing Union University                
        College of Applied Arts and Science   
2.     College of Applied Arts and Science of  Beijing Union University    

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