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posted: 06 13,2011

I. An Overview of Chienkuo Technology University

Chienkuo Technology University is located in Changhua county, mid Taiwan, and it’s half an hour’s drive from Taichung City. It was originally founded as Chien Kuo Junior Commercial College, and in 2004 it became Chienkuo Technology University with College of Engineering, College of Management, College of Design, and College of Humanity. This university has been established through the cooperation of all the successive presidents and staff who keep their eye on the advance of technology, the needs of humanity and life, and different factors in changes of educational environment. The school aims to foster high-level experts in technology who are well educated in theory, practice, and research, and to highlight its characteristics. It tries to become the rich source of improving community culture by enhancing the prestige of school, and making itself the key position of talent fostering, as well as an ideal place for teaching, researching and working. The school will achieve its critical position in mid-Taiwan by boosting its reputation, cultivating skilled workers and their creations. It also has a lot of other virtues both in education and school-running: service quality promotion, strengthening in the interaction between industries, internalization of employment and outlay assignment, high administrative efficiency, alumni contacts, encouraging passion in school, international cooperation, co-operative partnership with other schools and/or organizations, and so on. Chienkuo’s goal isto create a school that achieves the ideal of becoming a university characterized by accomplishing informationalized school affairs, Network Information Services and globalization.


II.Duration of Study: One Semester


III.Course Selection:

The courses selected by students must be proved by both specialty leaders of our college and Academic Affairs Office, and recorded in Academic Affairs Office. Students who cannot meet the standard of choosing courses will not be considered as qualified ones. Please visit the web site of Chienkuo Technology University to find out information about its courses.


IV. Expenses:

Chienkuo Technology University will offer full scholarship (free tuition and accommodation) to 2 – 4 students in our school. Other students may take advantage of the preferential policy—tuition will halved than local students. Beijing Union University will offer scholarship to aid the top students who have difficulty in paying the tuition.

As to meal and other expenses, please refer to the attachment.


V. Selection Criteria:

1. An ideal candidate is expected to love his or her motherland, cherish his or her collective organization, have a strong urge to press ahead along a mental journey, and observe Regulations on the Management of Exchange Students of Beijing Union University;

2. Preferences will be given to those who are winners of either nationwide or municipal scholarships, who are excellent student cadres and who are straight-A students.

3. Priority will be given to students with a good command of English, or those who have passed CET-4 or CET-6.

4. Candidates for the exchange program will be selected from the second-year or third-year undergraduates or postgraduates.


VI. Materials to be Submitted:

1. A completely filled-out form titled BUU Students Information Review Form for Overseas Study (Where students’ personal information is concerned, contents to be filled in this section must be typed and printed; please do not fill in manually)

2. Two copies of transcripts issued by the school authorities (with seals of the school stamped on both copies)

3. Photocopied versions of miscellaneous certificates relevant to this application


. Selection Process:

1. The college will recommend one to two students, whose applications will be submitted to and examined by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Beijing Union University. Only candidates whose application materials meet the standards laid out by the school authorities will be informed of the time and place for an interview.

2. International Exchange and Cooperation Office will be responsible for the overall coordination and arrangement of the interview, and it will inform relevant colleges of the names of students who get approved.

3. Students who get selected in this process shall submit relevant application materials to the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, and shall sign an agreement on overseas study. Then the International Exchange and Cooperation Office will help the students with the formalities needed to be performed when going abroad for personal reasons.


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