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Student Exchange Program to Aichi Bunkyo University, Japan

posted: 06 13,2011

I. An Overview of Aichi Bunkyo University

Aichi Bunkyo University, located in Komaki-shi, Aichi-ken, is a private university established in 1998. It has two departments, namely, the humanities and international culture. The university enrolls only 150 students per school year, and great importance is attached to individual instruction and guidance. For two consecutive years, students in this university have been selected by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan as members of Japanese Youth Delegation to visit China


II. Duration of Study: One School-year


III. Course Selection:

While referring to disciplines and courses of the International Culture Department of the University, students shall choose courses relevant to their own majors at home. Courses to be taken shall not be fewer than the number of required courses as demanded by the University.

IV. Relevant Costs

Tuition: Full Exemption

Accommodation: Full Exemption

Meal Fees: To be effected by the students themselves

Air tickets: To be effected by the students themselves.

Overseas Insurance Premium: To be effected by students themselves


V. Selection Criteria:

1. An ideal candidate is expected to love his or her motherland, cherish his or her collective organization, have a strong urge to press ahead along a mental journey, and observe Regulations on the Management of Exchange Students of Beijing Union University;

2. Preferences will be given to those who are winners of either nationwide or municipal scholarships, who are excellent student cadres and who are straight-A students.

3. Priority will also be given to those who have passed International Japanese Language Proficiency Test II.

4. Candidates for the exchange program will be selected from the second-year or third-year undergraduates or fourth-year undergraduates who are in the first semester at college, second-year students from junior colleges or third-year students who are in the first semester of the third school year at a junior college.


VI. Materials to be Submitted:

1. A completely filled-out form titled BUU Students Information Review Form for Overseas Study (Where students’ personal information is concerned, contents to be filled in this section must be typed and printed; please do not fill in manually)

2. A transcript issued by the school authorities (with seals of the school)

3. Photocopied versions of miscellaneous certificates relevant to this application


VII. Selection Process:

1The college will recommend one to two students, whose applications will be submitted to and examined by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Beijing Union University. Only candidates whose application materials meet the standards laid out by the school authorities will be informed of the time and place for an interview.

2International Exchange and Cooperation Office will be responsible for the overall coordination and arrangement of the interview, and it will inform relevant colleges of the names of students who get approved.

3Students who get selected in this process shall submit relevant application materials to the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, and shall sign an agreement on overseas study. Then the International Exchange and Cooperation Office will help the students with the formalities needed to be performed when going abroad for personal reasons.


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