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Employment/Work (Z) Visa Application Procedures

posted: 06 01,2011

Requirements for the application of Foreign Expert’s License:


All the applicants for Foreign Expert's License issued by the Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau shall obey the laws of PRC, pass the health exam and do not have criminal record. In addition, the applicants shall belong to one of the following categories:


I Technicians and management staff who carry out intergovernmental or international contracts, agreements or trade contracts;


II Aliens who engage in fields such as education, scientific research, news, publishing, culture, arts, health care and sports;


III Aliens who take job as vice president or above of a business; Technicians or management staff whose job entitle them of same treatment as a vice president or above of a business;


IV The representatives of overseas talent-hunting agencies granted by the Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau;


V Aliens who take short needed professional jobs in fields such as finance, engineering, trade, economy, accounting, tourism, etc in Beijing.


Applicants in category II, III IV shall have a bachelor degree and 5 year related work experience. Language teachers can have 2 year related work experience.



1.      An official approval of the request to employ foreign experts from the employer which states clearly the Chinese Embassy/Consulate/Visa offices where the application should be made.

2.      Application Form for Foreign Experts Certificate


3.      A copy of the applicant’s resume which states his/her educational background and work experiences.


4.      The last degree diploma and any other relevant diploma or professional testimonial related to his or her current post (documentations in foreign language shall be produced together with Chinese translation and stamped);


5.      A photocopy of “Health Certificate” issued by health check institutions recognized by Chinese Embassies or consulates. (If the health exam is taken after the entry, the Health Certificate should be with official stamp.)


6.      Employment Agreement or Contract:


a.      Foreign experts in Category I shall submit a photocopy of relevant project agreement or project approval document;


b.      Foreign experts in Category II shall submit a photocopy of 'Certificate of Authorized Qualification for Employment of Foreign Cultural and Educational Experts' of the employer or the serial number of said Certificate, and the standard employment contract uniformly printed by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and concluded with the employer;


c.       Foreign experts in Category III shall submit a photocopy of Appointment Letter or Employment Contract from the enterprise;


d.      Foreign experts in Category IV shall submit a photocopy of approval document for representative offices permanently stationed in China and Appointment Letter for Foreign Representative or other document with same legal force;


e.      Foreign experts in Category V shall submit a photocopy of Employment Agreement or Contract;



All the submitted materials should be clearly written. Printed version is preferred. All the blanks must be filled. “None” should be written if none of the choices match the applicant’s situation.


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